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    Welcome to Kian Joo Can Factory Berhad (003186P)
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    OEM / Contract Packing Service
    + Contract Packing of Milk Powder
    + Contract Packing of Beverages
    2-Piece Aluminium Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is the first canmaker in the region to introduce the 2-Piece Slim Retortable Aluminium Can as well as the Standard 206D Aluminium Can. Our advanced printing technology is the ideal solution for aluminium cans that require consistent and high-quality printing.
    Corrugated Carton Box + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is one of the leading manufacturers for Corrugated Cartons and Die-cut Trays in Malaysia. Various stages of quality checks at every stage of production; from raw materials (paper) acquisition, printing, die-cutting and finished cartons are done with sophisticated testing equipment to ensure that the cartons and trays are of the best quality.
    Processed Food Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is the largest Processed Food Can Manufacturer in Malaysia. Utilising high speed equipment from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Taiwan, we manufacture high quality tin cans for our customers. Our tin cans come with neck-in features which make them ideal for shipping and storing.
    2-Piece Processed Food Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is one of the few can manufacturers in Malaysia who produces 2-Piece Steel Cans with distorted printing. These cans are suitable for packing tuna, salmon, fish, shrimp, mushroom, and other foodstuffs. The main advantage of using this type of can is that the brand image is brought out effectively when it is displayed on the shelf.
    Dry Food Can + specifications
    Our Dry Food Cans are designed and manufactured to meet our customers' satisfaction and expectation. The use of manpower and equipment are optimised to ensure safety and conformity at all time. We are committed to achieving established quality standards.
    Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM) Can + specifications
    SCM is a sweetener that has shaped our lifestyle for decades. To keep this popular sweetener fresh, we ensure that tin cans used meet established quality standards.
    Paint Can + specifications
    Our 8-colour UV printing machine allows customers to creatively customise cans with an assortment of colours in one exquisite finish. We also use the latest welding technology to produce high quality Paint Cans which give great performance.
    3-Piece Beverage Can + specifications
    Our 3-Piece Beverage Cans are manufactured in a high quality control environment to ensure they meet customer requirements. With 8 colour UV printing technology, we provide better printing on metal cans.
    Battery Jacket + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is the only manufacturer of Battery Jackets in Malaysia which is able to print according to customers' requirements. We offer the following sizes: AA size (UM3), C size (UM2), D size (UM1) and 9 volt printed battery jacket.
    Edible Oil Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group has more than 48 years experience in manufacturing tin cans for edible oils. Our Edible Oil Cans are manufactured with high quality materials and machines. Our tin cans come in several sizes for different applications. They are leak-tight and double seamed.
    Mooncake Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is the largest Mooncake Can Supplier in Malaysia and Singapore. Our Mooncake Cans come in the following sizes: 1-piece, 2-piece, 4-piece, 7-piece and 8-piece mooncake cans. In addition, mooncake cans can be customised in the following shapes: square shape, square round shape, flower shape, stackable concave shape, rectangular shape, octagonal shape and elliptical shape.
    Confectionery Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group offers smart decorative tin containers for packing sweets, candies, biscuits, cookies, chocolates and other confectionery. Equipped with the latest 8-colour UV printing machine, cans may be decorated with exquisite finishing.
    Culinary / Margarine Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group has a wide selection of can sizes for packing instant culinary food and margarine. Customers can rely on our expertise in food safety and culinary packing to maintain the freshness of the food.
    Aerosol Can + specifications
    Aerosol Cans play an important role in our daily life. We ensure that all Aerosol Cans that we manufactured are up to our customers' and end users' expectation. Our reputation for high reliability in both product integrity and delivery makes us the ideal aerosol supplier for brand owners.
    Pineapple Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group manufactures quality Pineapple Cans that are able to maintain the pineapple product’s freshness. They are reliable products manufactured using the latest metal forming technology. Our know-how in food-can technology enables us to offer aluminium cans in a variety of features, shapes and sizes that best meet our customers’ needs.
    Chemical Can + specifications
    Our improved Chemical Can incorporates the 1-piece screw neck top to prevent micro leaks at the can neck. In addition, we also source custom-made components for customers who require customised chemical cans.
    Motor Oil Can + specifications
    Our Motor Oil Cans come in rectangular or round shapes. We also provide several can sizes and heights to house petroleum based products.
    Ink Can + specifications
    Kian Joo Group is one of the few manufacturers of Ink Cans in Malaysia. In addition to manufacturing standard can sizes, we are able to customise cans (e.g special can heights, embossing, and other customised features) to create differentiation and shelf impact. Our containers are also optimised for user convenience and brand distinctiveness.
    Full Aperture End (FAE) + specifications
    Our Full Aperture End (FAE) is both user-friendly and tamper-proof. FAEs for sanitary cans come with a ring tab which allows product users to pull open the can end without having to use a traditional can opener. It also eliminates the risk of end particles falling into the can during the process of opening.
    Peel Off End (POE) + specifications
    Kian Joo Group produces Peel Off End (POE) for dry powder cans. Our POEs come with a pull tab which allows product users to peel the aluminium foil off cleanly and easily. It can be hermitically sealed for longer shelf-life and freshness.
    Easy-opening End (EOE) + specifications
    ntc33 kiosk Our Easy-opening End (EOE) incorporates a scored region and pull tab attached to the end, which makes the product easier to open. Beverages packaged in cans with EOEs are easier to pour and the product user will be able to drink the beverage easily. EOEs are able to provide consumer convenience, product freshness and shelf-appeal.
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